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Audi Auto Repair

So you decided to take the jump and purchase an Audi. You probably want a car that would turn heads or one more affordable than others. Either way, Audi vehicles are definitely sleek attention grabbers that deliver powerful performance on the road.

However, like every other car out there, regular maintenance is required for these premium cars to stay reliable. As such, our experts at Broad Stroke in Snohomish share five vital money-saving tips to help you care for your luxury vehicle in between Audi auto repair appointments:

1) Go to an Audi auto repair professional for a check-up before making any major changes

This applies even when the check engine light isn’t on. If your Audi makes funny noises or doesn’t seem to be running as smoothly as usual, schedule a diagnostic check-up with our Snohomish auto repair mechanics immediately. Our Audi mechanics can diagnose any issues or if your car is simply due for an oil change after about 3000-5000 miles of driving.

2) Every once in a while, try letting someone else take the wheel of your Audi

We often lose track of how well our car is running if we’ve been driving it for a long time. That’s why it can be wise to let someone else take the wheel and be the passenger yourself.

This way, you can focus on any noticeable signs that something isn’t working right. Feel if there are vibrations inside your vehicle and listen if it makes any weird noises. This can help when you report issues to our Snohomish auto repair mechanics

3) Always ask if the parts you’re about to purchase are genuine Audi parts or aftermarket replacements.

Aftermarket auto parts may seem like a great deal, but you may end up spending more in the long run if they are low-quality components. If they’re not specifically made for your Audi model, then it’s possible that they were cheaply made and will cause more issues down the road.

Our Audi auto repair team takes pride in providing quality services to drivers in Snohomish, WA. You can rest assured that we only use factory-grade and long-lasting parts for our repair and maintenance services.

4) Invest in Audi factory-approved accessories

Many other car brands have started making aftermarket accessories – but only OEM Audi accessories come with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. You can then have peace of mind knowing that your favorite mod was built just for you! Our Snohomish auto repair mechanics can install your Audi accessories for you, and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied.

5) Form good car care habits.

Our fifth piece of advice is a collection of small good habits that can go a long way for your Audi’s longevity. Here they are:

  • Regularly change your oil at least every 5,000 miles. If you’re driving under more strenuous conditions (like on the highway), then try changing your oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles.
  • Keep the interior surfaces of your Audi clean. This means taking care of stains or spills as soon as they happen, no matter how small they are.
  • Always have an Audi-certified mechanic install aftermarket accessories. Doing so will help you avoid any unnecessary hassles later on with your warranty!
  • And if something does go wrong, don’t hesitate to bring your Audi into our Snohomish car repair shop for fast and efficient service. Entrust your prized investment only to certified and experienced Audi auto repair experts!

Audi Auto Repair in Snohomish, WA

For all your Audi auto repair and maintenance needs, just call our techs at Broad Stroke. You can also schedule an appointment online or visit our facility at 16326 State Route 9 SE Suite B, Snohomish, WA 98296.