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Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Better Quality of Life, Better Pay, Better Benefits, More Time Off…. Life is better here.

We are a tight knit automotive family. We believe in taking care of our customers and taking care of each other.

We believe in the quality of life, for our team and their families. We work hard for 4 days so we can spend 3 days a week doing what makes us happy.

We always put our customers first. We do this with our absolute transparent service, open and honest communication, digital inspections, 3yr / 36k mile warranty, use of only OE and OEM parts, our fleet of loaner vehicles and much more.

We pride ourselves on being the best in the business. To live up to this we hold catered weekly lunch meetings where we create solutions, share ideas, discuss new technology, review shop performance, and much more in order to better the customer experience and our work environment.
We heavily invest in knowledge. All of our staff is constantly chasing the latest in training, whether that be self-development books and podcasts, to webinars, to actual training classes and seminars held all around the country.
Work and play together. We have several team building events throughout the year like paintball, go karts, corn maze, boat days, hockey games, racing events, dinners, etc.

We are always focused on the future of the industry. We invest a lot of money every year on new and exciting tools to always keep our shop on the forefront of automotive repair.

We are Broad Stroke.

We have been a very successful BMW only shop for the last 13 years but starting in January of 2020 we decided to start branching out to other German lines to better assist our customers and their families.

Our team is now in need of another technician.

We are open to all technicians but specifically looking for a European technician or foreman that can help the team transition into Audi, Mercedes, Porsche and Land Rover, and possibly others.

If you feel you would excel working with our team please do not hesitate to reach out.

Compensation Includes:
Signing Bonus
Excellent Hourly Wage with a Productivity Bonus or Flat Rate
Paid Medical
Paid Dental
Paid Vision
Paid Health Savings Account
80 Hours of Paid Time Off
Paid Continuing Education
And More….