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driving in the rain

The fall season is upon us, which means that the rain will be returning soon. We know that you are probably no stranger to the rain here in Washington, but after the summer months, you may have gotten comfortable driving in the dry weather. 

Driving in the rain definitely comes with its setback and dangers, because it can be harder to see the road and wet road conditions can make it harder for your tires to make proper traction. However, there are certain ways that you can make your drive safer with the following tips for driving in the rain: 

  • Make sure that your windshield wipers are in good condition. Wipers should be replaced at least every year and more so every 6 months if needed. A key sign that they need to be replaced is cracking or fraying of the rubber. You may also notice that your wipers skip, smear, or make chattering noises while turned on. 
  • Check your exterior lights to ensure that all lights are bright and working properly. If your headlights look dim, cloudy, or yellowed, they should be restored. 
  • Drive more slowly and alert when driving in the rain. Cars are more susceptible to accidents during this time, and it may take you longer to brake than normally. Leave plenty of space between you and other cars and give yourself time to slow down if you need to. 
  • Clean your car and windows to give yourself the best possible vision of all angles of your vehicle.
  • Have a full vehicle inspection performed here at Broad Stroke to ensure that all critical systems are working at their best, such as the brake system, suspension system, and more. Accidents are often caused by mechanical issues, and we can make sure that your vehicle is safe for any weather. 
  • Check that your tires have good tread and have them replaced if the tread is very low. Also, fill the tires to the proper air pressure to avoid tire blowouts and handling issues. 

We hope that these tips will help you stay safe on the road in the upcoming rain. If your vehicle is due for an inspection or fall vehicle maintenance, we invite you into Broad Stroke today!