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The Team

Name: Parker Davis
Job Position: President

Parker began his love of cars as a child often attending car shows with his father. He acquired and started building his first car at the age of 14 years old. In high school he not only attended the auto shop program he also pioneered Automotive Youth Education System program for the Everett School District. The A.Y.E.S. program allowed him to take a full time job at a local automotive dealership and obtain school credit for doing so. After graduating high school Parker headed to Phoenix, Arizona to attend the Universal Technical Institute. While attending U.T.I. Parker held a job with Sun Valley Imports in Scottsdale, AZ specializing in BMWs. Upon completion of his studies in the auto, diesel and industrial programs, with multiple student of the phase awards, he was then accepted into the BMW factory Service Technician Education Program. Once graduated from BMW S.T.E.P. he decided to come back to his home state of Washington. Parker worked at local BMW dealerships (BMW Northwest and BMW Seattle) for 5 years before starting Broad Stroke in 2007.
Name: Anastasiya Finogenova
Job Position: Service Manager

As a little girl Anastasiya’s love for the automotive industry started off in the world of General Motors. She was fortunate enough to have her grandpa pass down his passion and knowledge for cars to her. She started by learning how to drive standard transmissions and by changing the oil in her grandpa's LeMans. All through school her favorite hobby involved tinkering under the hood of her own vehicles and learning from other fellow car-enthusiasts. Towards the end of high school, Anastasiya's interests started shifting towards German autos as she helped her best friend swap a motor on an E46. Since then she has worked enthusiastically in the car industry for over 5 years developing customer service skills, expanding her abilities and her know-how. We had the pleasure of adding her to our team in early March 2020.
Name: Chris
Job Position: Shop Foreman

Chris started his automotive career early in the Kentridge High School Auto Shop program in Kent, WA. After graduating from high school in 2002 he attended Arizona Automotive Institute. He graduated from AAI in 2003 with an Associates Degree. He then got accepted into the BMW STEP program and graduated in 2003. Once he completed the BMW Step Program he took a job with MOSS BMW in Lafayette, LA where he worked from 2004 to 2006. He decided to move home in 2006 and took a job with BMW Seattle where he worked from 2006 to 2013. While at BMW Seattle he earned his BMW Master Technician certification. We had the pleasure of adding Chris to our team in the beginning of 2013.