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Today’s cars are intricately designed to make our driving experience smooth and quiet. This is why our cars have so many components that absorb shock and sound, so that we don’t have to feel every bump in the road. If you start feeling that your seat is vibrating or shaking during your drive, something is definitely wrong. There are a few different reasons why this can happen, but typically the issue is an easy fix. 

A shaky or vibrating steering wheel can indicate a few different things: 

  • Your seat itself may just be loose. Typically we can take care of this with a few turnings of a wrench or replacing a worn out bolt. 
  • There may be suspension system parts that are worn down, such as the shocks and struts. If your vehicle isn’t absorbing shock correctly, you can feel that coming through your seat on very uneven roads. 
  • Warped brake discs or drums can also cause a vibration, but it will only happen while braking. 
  • The issue could be as simple as unbalanced wheels. Only feeling the vibration at certain speeds can be an indication of this. 

If you do feel your seat vibrating, be sure to take note of when it happens. Does it only happen when you brake or at certain speeds, or do you feel it during your entire ride? This will help our experts mechanics better understand when the problem originates from. 

If you do suspect that you need auto repair in Snohomish, WA, don’t hesitate to stop by our friendly automotive shop today!