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Buying a car is a huge investment. You’ve likely worked for much of your life to save up and continue to work to pay off your car loan or support your vehicle investment. Since your car has likely cost you a pretty penny, it’s important to understand the maintenance required to ensure that your vehicle avoids major issues and runs smoothly throughout the years. 

We know that vehicle maintenance can sometimes be overwhelming, which is why taking some time to read your vehicle’s owner’s manual and to plan out your car’s important services is helpful. Preventative maintenance is the best way to prevent having to have major repairs performed on your car, which can be necessary if your vehicle is poorly maintained. 

A regular maintenance check will inspect: 

  • Fluid levels
  • Filters
  • Brakes
  • Belts & hoses
  • Cooling system
  • …& more!

Every time you bring your vehicle into Broad Stroke, we make sure to check your vehicle’s maintenance and inform you if any recommended services or maintenance items are due. Regular inspections can also allow our mechanics to catch any problems while they are small before they become larger, more expensive issues. 

If it’s been a while since you vehicle’s last inspection, don’t hesitate to bring your car into the professionals here at Broad Stoke Associates today for service!