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When it comes to driving your vehicle into the winter months, it is important to ensure that your vehicle is well maintained and prepared for any weather condition. Whether you are planning a road trip to visit friends or family, or will continue to drive to and from work every day, your vehicle needs to be in top shape in order to keep you safe on the winter roads. The following are some winter vehicle maintenance tips that will help guide you on how to take care of your vehicle and ensure your safety this winter season.


Regular inspections are a must! When it comes to your BMW or MINI, frequent inspections are the best way to catch an issue early on that could become troublesome to deal with during the winter.


Change your windshield wipers. In our beautiful state of Washington, this is a must for drivers, especially during the rainy months. Windshield wipers only last about a year, so if you start noticing any skipping, smudging, or smearing of water when your windshield wipers are on, it’s time to replace them.

Pay attention to your brakes. The brakes are a very important safety feature, so understanding your brakes is key to driving safely. As soon as you notice something off while braking, bring your vehicle into our trusted experts for an inspection to repair the issue quickly.

Drive safely and slowly. During the winter months, the weather can become unpredictable. If you catch yourself driving in the rain or snow, be sure to drive carefully, be alert, and drive slowly.


Check all of your exterior lights. This includes headlights, brights, tail lights, brake lights, and your blinkers. A faulty light can be dangerous on the road, especially in the dark. Any lights that aren’t working properly need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Inspect your tires. Good tires are very important when it comes to driving during the winter months. Worn out tires can put you at risk for losing control of your vehicle on the road. Any heavily worn out tires should be replaced and we also recommend having your tires air pressure and alignment checked for good measure.

Regardless of where you are traveling this holiday season, be sure your vehicle is prepared for anything! If your BMW or MINI needs a service or repair, bring your vehicle into the experts here at Broad Stroke in Snohomish, WA or give us a call at (866) 810-3469 today.